Thursday, October 31, 2013


On November 28, 2013 - this year only - Hanukkah begins Thanksgiving day. They call it Thanksgivukkah, and it won't happen again for an estimated 79,000 years! By customer request, we've come up with a hilariously silly design featuring a roast turkey and all nine candles. (It's a Menurkey!)

If Thanksgivukkah sounds like fun to you, check out the unique but surprisingly tasteful Thanksgivukkah Menu put together by, including potato latkes with cranberry applesauce (below):

You can also listen to Barry Shrage, on Jewish Boston, explain why Hanukkah and Thanksgiving have more in common than you might think:

And much less seriously, this Monty-Python style spoof of Thanksgivukkah, Pilgrims, and fish trees, by Shmideo. (Yes, fish trees. Don't ask us, it's the internet.): 

Gobble Tov, everyone!

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