Thursday, May 15, 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is a great idea. We all love dad, but it's not something most of us say very often. So it's good to have a reason to stop and say it, right?

Father's Day gifts are tricky, though.

Ideally, a gift for Dad would have something to do with his particular interests, things that are special to him, or that make him special. Much less ideally, it could look like you grabbed it last-minute off the rack at a shopping center.

If your dad wears t-shirts, sweatshirts, or ball-caps, we can help! Use the guide below to find the perfect, personalized gift for your dad, grandpa, or father-in-law. If nothing in this list seems just right, be sure to check out our full selection at for more ideas.

Here's hoping this Father's Day is fun for you and your dad!

Dad's Own Cabin

Time in nature has many benefits for physical and mental health. And time spent together, away from the bustle of daily life, is the best way to make strong family memories. If dad loves the outdoors - and especially if he's made that love a family tradition - this design might be the perfect gift.

Country Club for Golfers

Golf is something of a gentleman's sport, and the Country Club design is one of the few we are able to offer on an embroidered polo shirt, as well as on t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats. Give your dad ownership of the links, and make him the envy of his club, with a classy garment featuring his name.

Classic Racing Team

If speed is his thing, he might like this vintage-inspired racing team design. Classic racing and automotive themes combine to feature his name and "car number."

Bait & Tackle Shop for a Special Fisherman

A ball-cap to keep the sun off his face while he's on the boat. A sweatshirt to keep the chill out while he waits by the water for sunrise. A design that will make his buddies think he really bought a fishing supply shop. By far our most popular fisherman's design.

Super Shirt - Phone Booth Not Included

If Dad's your hero, this simple shirt will say it all, without damaging his (or your) tough-guy image.

Beer Removal Service

Yes, it's a beer joke. And for the right dad, it's WAY better than giving him another tie. Make him laugh, and remind him that it pays to advertise!

Tractor Service for the Handyman Farmer

Nothing says "country-strong" like a dad who knows his farming heritage. And nothing says "the good old days" better than a classic American tractor!


Skilled hands. Strong arms. Sharp tools. The smell of fresh sawdust. If these things say "Dad" to you, this shirt will say "You're the best," to him.

Motorcycle Service

This shirt is "scientifically proven" to make riding motorcycles even more fun! (Based on anecdotal observation, and the fact that this is our most popular motorcycle design.) You want Dad to have fun, don't you!?

Personalized Brewing Label

Craft beer continues to grow in popularity mostly because, well, it tastes better, and offers more variety than you can get from the big guys. Whether Dad brews his own, or is merely a discerning imbiber, put his name on this label and let him know he's "an original" to you.

Homegrown Produce

Gardening consistently tops the list of popular hobbies in the United States. Show him you appreciate his green thumbs (and giant tomatoes) with this personalized design.

Hot Sauce for your favorite Fire Breather

Some guys won't eat anything without hot sauce. Others are more discriminating, but when they want it hot, they want it welding-torch-HOT. Still others have a hot sauce for every occasion, with more bottles on the shelf than shoes in the closet. If any of this sounds familiar, you should be thinking about a personalized shirt (or hat) for Father's Day.

His Own Comics Shop (Shirt)

How do we know that the comic book genre has "grown up?" Dad's reading them. Skip the Marvel vs. DC debate, and make him the master of his own comics fortress/cave/lair.

Trucking - for the Road Warriors

If dad was gone a lot, chances are he was behind the wheel of a big truck. Trucking puts food on the table, and keeps the doors open for whatever store is your favorite. (We're partial to the grocery store. And the t-shirt, um, website.) Let him know you're proud of him with this all-American design.

Music-lover's Record Shop

Millions of people who can't agree on genre, era, or composer can agree on one thing - music means an awful lot to them. (They also tend to agree that nothing sounds better than vinyl.) If records are dad's thing, maybe this design will be, too.

Hunting Camp

If deer hunting is a family tradition, then these shirts should be too. Start with Dad, and he just might buy them for everyone else!

Your Dad. Man, Myth, Legend.

Hands down our most popular, most flattering design for the guys we look up to.

Gym - For the Active Dad

Whether he runs, lifts, rows, or yoga-cises, he can be proud of himself for staying fit. Let him know that you are too, with this humorously old-school design.

Bacon Removal Service

It's been said more than once that giving up bacon is the hardest part of being vegetarian. That makes our "Bacon Removal Service" shirts a fun and funny gift for your favorite carnivore.

Tech Support

This design was inspired by an actual sign hanging in the office our own tech gurus. If your dad knows what PEBCAK means, or fixes everything in the house by turning it off, then on again, we've got your Father's Day right here.

For Dad the Grillmeister

Is the family barbeque your favorite place to eat? Give credit where it's due, and this fun shirt to your favorite outdoor cook.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mother's Day? This Apron May Be Just The Thing!

Some people think of Mother's Day as a flowers-and-dinner kind of holiday, but we're dropping prices on two personalized designs that many Moms have loved.

For casual days with a fun attitude, personalize this one:

If Momma Ain't Happy... Ain't Nobody Happy!

For a lovely domestic touch, honor the queen of the kitchen with this:

Personalized "Kitchen" Aprons and Tees

Try these personalized gifts and give Mom a pleasant surprise!
(PS: You might still want to pick up some flowers.)